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      Camelia started out as a tool to help students in Brown University's CS17 have an easier time making the leap from Scheme to OCaml. It's meant to make writing in OCaml relatively painless without having to learn the nuances of a powerful editor like Emacs or VI. That said, it's not meant to be just a teaching tool. It is a fairly powerful IDE that offers a nice alternative for OCaml programmers of all skill levels.
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New Binaries Released - (12:58AM 10/27/05)

     Binary releases of Camelia 1.1 for Mac and Windows are now available, just in time for students in cs17 to give it a try. Hopefully my code will pass the test and there won't be a new release for a while, but you never know; there are always more bugs. The main improvement in version 1.1 is that there is rudimentary support for including library files. Far improved library loading support is planned for the future.

Camelia 1.1! - (10:29PM 09/20/05)

     A new version of Camelia has been released. This version fixes a few small bugs that have been reported; also, the source distribution now includes all the files it needs. For now, only the source code release is available, but Mac and Windows binaries will be out in the next few days. There are still a few known bugs that need tackling, but the college life is eating my spare time. I'll get to them when I get a chance.

New Files Released - (04:41PM 09/07/05)

     Windows and Mac OSX installers have been added to the download section! The current version has a slight problem involving stack frames that should only show up when debugging a program that had a stack overflow. The next release will fix this problem.
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  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Automatic Indentation
  • Tabbed design to edit several files in one window
  • Graphical parenthesis matching
  • Split-pane interface for working with files and the OCaml console
  • Graphical debugger
  • Tool-tip style type display for all expressions
  • Clickable bug tips to demystify some of OCaml's notoriously difficult error messages

Screenshots of Camelia 1.1:

Working with a file in Camelia. Notice the tooltip with OCaml's type
inference for "proc" and the OCaml Console in the lower half. The
question mark in the console is clickable and gives a tip for the
OCaml error.

Camelia tries to give comprehensive tips for all common errors in OCaml.
The error tip system is very powerful and easily extensible using XML.

In debug mode, you can use clickable breakpoints to stop at any event in
your code. You can also step through the events (while optionally
skipping events in pervasives and included libraries) one at a time for
finer control. You also have full access to the OCamlDebug console, so
powerusers won't be held back by the features of the GUI.
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The Official Camelia Usage and Install Guide
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The Mac and Windows binaries both come bundled with the QT libraries. If you already have these libraries installed, try installing from source or contact me via email for help. To compile on Windows from source involves changing the code slightly and having the right setup. You must have OCaml installed to make full use of Camelia. In Windows, you must have cygwin installed and the cygwin version of OCaml to use the debugger.

Mac OSX Binary (with statically linked QT libraries)

Camelia 1.1

Windows MSI installer (with QT dlls)

Camelia 1.1

Mac OSX / Linux source distribution:

Camelia 1.1
      Credits Top
Camelia is released under the GPL license. It is entirely open source. Feel free to borrow from or contribute to the project!
Camelia and this website are written and maintained by Nathan Gaylinn. Camelia's indentation system was created for the project by David Baelde, author of OMLet Indent for VIM. Special thanks go out to Damien Doligez on the OCaml team for helping me out in a pinch and for making the ocaml debugger more useful! Full credits for documentation and testers can be found in the Official Camelia Usage and Install Guide.
This site is graciously hosted on Thank you Source Forge, I don't know what I'd do without you!